Bass Gym / Highly efficient and methodical exercises - 15 min.a day

This book has really helped me with my technique and I have seen large improvements in speed and control whilst playing. I recommend it to bassists of all levels as there is something in here for everyone! – James Christopher Buckley 
I’ve bought this book three days ago and I can see a difference in my playing already – Mike
Even if you think that you already are a great bassplayer this book will show where you need to improve – Daniel
 Amazing set of excersises! I’m a professional and I use it for both for myself and my student – Jiri 

 Great workout will draft improve skills I hope more titles to come from the author maybe right hand skills.loved it – Andre Picard 

 Very helpful Exercises. I’m beginner and with this gym feel match better now. I can it truly recommend for twinkle toes. – Karela70

n this book you will find 101 bass exercises that will help improve your finger strength, dexterity and all-round control of the instrument.

No one wants to spend hours practicing scales mindlessly!
Going through the exercises routinely and methodically will produce great results quickly.
Previously unplayable passages will become a piece of cake and your band mates will be amazed.
These short exercises are ideal as part of your warm up routine; before rehearsal, a concert or recording session.
Complete beginners and seasoned professionals will both benefit from this book, whether you are 4/5/6 string player or even a guitar player.
All exercises include tablature and a recommended fingering chart. I hope this book will bring you closer to where you want to be with your playing.